About CX, CXPA, and CCXP – what are those?

“The customer is king” as we all know from a century-old business cliché. Recently it also started to become a common understanding that gaining insights and serving customers is the very fundamental core of any enterprise.

For us at AbilityMatrix, it’s obvious that the importance of customers shouts for professional approaches. For business growth, we need to make soft and ad hoc approaches hard: transparent, repeatable and measurable.

During our CX consulting work, we prefer the CXPA method which we found well adaptable for practice. That’s also the reason CCXP is also considered useful.

A brand new industry, already filled with abbreviations. But what is their actual meaning?

What is CX?

CX (Customer Experience) is the perception of your customer during and after engaging with your company, brand, product or service. CX regards to how your customers will remember your business and the experience they will share about you and your business. It is not necessarily the impact you designed your product for, and in some cases, it really reflects pure perceptions – rather than objective truth. For your customers, the whole product or service journey you provide becomes a set of stories, filled with seemingly irrational thoughts, motivations, and emotions.

It’s also important to see the difference between CX and UX (User Experience), for this reason, we shared this article before.

What is CXPA?

There are many customer experience management methods. Together with the size and complexity of the organization grows the need for a structured approach. We found CXPA’s method to be the most elaborate and best suited for large organizations.

Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices. CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field by providing shared best practices and education, developing standards, offering networking opportunities, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of Customer Experience.

CXPA defines 6 key aspects (“pillars”) in customer experience management:

  1. Customer-Centric Culture
  2. CX Strategy
  3. Experience Design Improvement & Innovation
  4. Metrics & Measurement and ROI
  5. Organizational Adoption & Accountability
  6. Voice of Customer: Customer Insight & Understanding

CXPA’s method is a well-structured knowledge base – the theoretical part is digestible (and learnable at trainings and courses). As a consequence, an international certification (CCXP) is also achievable provided your theoretical knowledge in the subject is coupled with appropriate practical experience.

What is CCXP?

CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) can be defined as a certification program created and provided by CXPA. It’s an industry-wide, standardized avenue for CX practitioners to demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments. However, completing the CCXP exam is only the first step. To keep your CCXP status alive you have to complete 20 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) in order to renew their certification every two years. These CEU credits can be collected through webinars, publications, and events to make sure you stay up to date with the changes and innovations in CX business.

For more information:

CCXP certification process: http://www.ccxp.org/

CXPA community: http://www.cxpa.org

If you are interested in our experiences regarding CX, CXPA or CCXP, at your disposal:


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