CX Masterclass in Budapest – Our Insight

Akos Tolnai on CX Masterclass during his speech.

Ian Golding is 61. Well, not his age, of course, but his accreditation number at CCXP. He was the 61st in line to pass the exam. As of writing this piece, the counter is at 1065.

Ian started early with CX, and working 25 years in the field on both sides of the table have armed him with stories and tools. Early April 2019 we had the chance to learn from him. His 2-day Masterclass course is a preparation for the CCXP exam as well, and one could see why he is an accredited CCXP training provider.

His delivery was funny, easy to understand. As a speaker myself I was blown away by his empathy to the diverse team in Budapest: people from all around the CEE region came to learn. Ian watched the volume, the speed of speech every second during the 2 days. He carefully selected the words he used, making it as simple to understand as humanly possible. I too often see people speaking about CX or any type of experience design in complex, chaotic ways.

This might seem like something that anyone could do, but only a few pay attention to such details. The content itself was very structured and contained only the most critical aspects of how to deliver excellent customer experience in any organization, no matter the size or industry. Our 2 days were filled with insights useful for managerial and C level leaders with the focus on structure, framework, and people. It was a good start for anybody honing their skills or just trying to learn about this emerging phenomenon: the experience industry. You got practical skills, the right order to bring projects to life, real-world examples.

Part of the 2-day masterclass was a session with Budapest Bank CX leaders Laura Tengerdi and Andrea Hanyecz (both CCXPs). It is rare to learn about recent examples, results of CX efforts and I was deeply impressed by the transformation Budapest Bank has pulled off the last years. As they say: we are not yet there, but we are closer than 5 years ago. It is a continuous effort they seem to be adamant about.

My guest-speech was a brief introduction to different design methods and how you can decide what to use. It is even more fluid than customer experience itself, and it will take time until we have a common understanding of how all these things are interconnected and relate to each other.

Service designers, marketing experts, software developers, leaders from all types of organizations worked together for 2 days and learned that people and structured framework are the keys to exceptional experiences. I hope everyone enjoyed the training as much as I did.

Looking forward to Ian and the CX Masterclass returning to Budapest in October 2019!

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